Past Pilot Research


With guidance from the state legislature, the Washington State Transportation Commission began exploration of RUC in 2012.

In 2018 and 2019, the WA RUC Pilot Program conducted a statewide pilot with over 2,000 drivers. This pilot was an important step in understanding if and how a RUC would work in Washington and how it would impact drivers.

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  • During the year-long pilot, participant drivers representing diverse backgrounds (gender, race/ethnicity, and household income), vehicle types, and geographic locations gave valuable input and insights into how the various mileage reporting practices worked for them.
  • They informed us of the impact the RUC pilot had on their budgets and time. They also shared their advice to elected officials, supporting a gradual phase-in of a RUC program.
  • That research informed a set of 16 recommendations from the Washington State Transportation Commission and WA RUC Steering Committee that laid the groundwork for a RUC transition in Washington.

participant information

The top concerns pilot participants shared:
  • Privacy and data collection
  • Compliance and administration costs
  • Fairness and equity
  • Travel between states
  • Operational viability


On January 13, 2020, the Commission transmitted their final report on how Washington can begin a transition away from the state gas tax and toward a road usage charge system to the Governor, State Legislature and the Federal Highway Administration.

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Volume 1

Contains the Washington State Transportation Commission’s findings and recommendations.

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Volume 2

Contains the final findings of the WA RUC Steering Committee and provides more detailed information supporting Volume 1.

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Volume 3

Contains all supporting documentation for Volumes 1 & 2.