Washington Road Usage Charge Pilot Project

Test Drive the Road Ahead

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Help Washington explore a new way to pay for roads and bridges. Sign up to test a road usage charge where drivers would simulate paying for the miles they drive rather than the gallons of gas they buy.


The Washington State Transportation Commission is aiming to recruit at least 2,000 drivers throughout Washington to participate in this pilot project to provide feedback on your experience. Your input will help shape policy in Olympia by helping state lawmakers understand how this type of charge might work.

Questions the pilot will help answer

  • How does a road usage charge work for different drivers throughout the state?
  • How do the reporting methods work for drivers?
  • Will a road usage charge enable us to better fund our transportation system in the future?


What pilot participants can expect

  • 10 MINUTES A MONTH average commitment for 12 months
  • $0 COST to participate
  • 4 MILEAGE REPORTING OPTIONS from no-tech to high-tech
  • RECOGNITION FOR PARTICIPATION with gift cards awarded for completing key tasks

More about how this works on the sign up page


Mileage reporting options:


    Pre-select a block of miles


    Miles reported quarterly, either electronically or in person


    Automated mileage meter with GPS and non-GPS options


    Smartphone app is used to collect and report miles

More details about reporting options on the sign up page

Why test a
road usage charge?

Gas tax revenue will decline as vehicles become more fuel-efficient or use no gasoline. Because the gas tax is the main source of funding for our roads, bridges and the ferry system, we must assess new funding approaches today if we are to sustain our transportation system in the future.

After several years of study, the Steering Committee and the Washington State Transportation Commission have determined that a road usage charge is feasible and could produce the needed revenue to fund Washington State’s long-term transportation needs. But will it work for Washington drivers? Now it’s time to put it to the test and find out if it will work for Washington!

How does washington address this funding gap to meet future needs?

Sign up!

Interested in being a pilot participant? Just want to follow along? Sign up for our interest list!
We will select up to 2,000 people from this list to represent drivers across Washington. Once the pilot has started, we’ll continue to email our interest list with regular updates.

Spread the word

Know someone who’d be interested in participating in the pilot? Spread the word! We want drivers from across the state, from daily commuters to casual Sunday drivers. The more the merrier!