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This image shows a timeline of the pilot project, which is split into four main phases. Between 2012 and 2016, the Washington State Transportation Commission’s Steering Committee started the pre pilot analysis and design phase. During this phase, the Steering Committee conducted a feasibility study, completed a financial and policy analysis, and designed the pilot project. In 2017, the team recruited pilot participants. This phase began with outreach to the general public, which resulted in nearly 5,000 volunteers expressing interesting in the pilot and eventually enrolling 2,000 participants in the project. Between 2018 and 2019, the test driving phase of the pilot project was conducted. During this phase, a pilot project help desk was set up to answer questions from participants and the general public and surveys and focus groups were conducted to gather feedback from participants about their experience. The pilot evaluation and final reporting phase of the pilot project will last until 2020. During this phase, the team will gather final feedback from participants, compile and analyze data, and establish findings and recommendations in a final report. The pilot project will conclude when the Washington State Transportation Commission reports to the Governor, State Legislature, and United States Department of Transportation on final findings and recommendations in 2020.